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We all have had barriers put in front of us in life, sometimes doors close on us and sometimes new doors open-easily said for some. Hearts are made to be broken, such as the mind is made to think, we must learn to go with our thoughts in our hearts and not the ones in our mind. If we do this then our hearts open up the mind within the hearts of others. Since i have come across this topic, my heart has opened up to the world. Likewise you are only one person in this world but you may be the the world to one person. Its such a gift for us all to open our hearts up towards the rest of the world, sometimes its hard for some because we can never think what that person has gone through in their childhood years, all we can do to overcome this is understand compassion for one another. We were all children once in our life and as we grow older we sometimes forget this. Generally spiritual people are always compassionate, sometimes we forget how someone may feel if we leave them out sometimes, so we must treat everyone as our own soul, such that we don't hurt one another. I hope this helps? If i can help one person in life open up their heart to the world, then i know i've made a difference.
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Dec 1, 2009