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This is a great article and I hate the competitiveness of these conferences, too. However, there is something in me that gets pushed down in this conversation: my ambition. I came out of a tradition where humility, especially in young women, was the ultimate value. I was schooled to suppress anything that even smelled of pride. I am now a priest in the Anglican church where we all learn very quickly that a priest is to immediately say, "I never want to be a bishop." It's humility. Heaven forbid we even consider being an archdeacon or bishop without first being asked, nay, begged to take on more authority. Any other reaction is considered arrogant. I have just moved from a small rural parish to a large urban parish, from being a rector to being a youth and children's associate. I've gone one rung up and one rung down, some may say, certainly not me. In my former diocese, there was pressure on me to not be too happy about going to a larger church. But you know what? I am! I love having resources, financial and human. I love having diversity in my community. I love knowing I can take my youth group to the opera without having to organize an overnight trip. I love not having to beg or justify a cost of living raise. And I would hope for this for many churches. And you know, maybe, one day, I will be a bishop. Of a BIG diocese. I'm not afraid of that. And I am tired of being expected to make myself small so others who do not have confidence in their gifts can feel adequate. So, to sum up. Ambition is good. Competing with each other and oneupmanship, not so good.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2010 on Climbing the Ladder at Fidelia's Sisters
Meg, this is fabulous! Congratulations on this very full new calling. I love love LOVE! your stepson's description of Jesus!!! That was my giggle for the day. =)
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2010 on 5 Hair Products and Toothpaste at Fidelia's Sisters
Hi Lisa, I have the problem of not enough boys in a very small Sunday School, and one boy in particular who was really tired of being a shepherd and did NOT want to be Joseph. So I suggested an angel. At first he wrinkled his nose, until I told him that in some stories, angels are powerful soldiers who carry swords. Once I promised he could carry a sword, he was in, and some girls were the shepherds.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2010 on Shepherd Girls at Fidelia's Sisters
I am often a first stop before taking the leap to see a counselor. I try to align what I do closer to spiritual direction. If you are meeting frequently with me, and God isn't coming up as a concern for you, I will start encouraging you to see a counselor. I'll even make the call for you. Also, if they are needing me on a long-term regular basis, I will refer to a counselor, but like the US, getting into a counselor takes a long time.
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2010 on Are We Counselors? at Fidelia's Sisters
Beautiful article, Lara. I haven't seen the movie yet (too much to do, too little time, yada yada yada excuse excuse excuse) but I really am longing to. As you say, perhaps this could be a film/bible study for congregations beginning to look for a new leader. is now following The Typepad Team
Dec 1, 2009