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As a Mac dealer, I can tell you that the "Get A Mac" campaign, aka "I'm a Mac", does bring people into our store and does affect their buying decision. Almost half of our customers/clients in the last 2-3 years are new to the Mac and more often than not, cite those ads as motivator. I will, however, suggest that the advertising supports their decision rather than driving it. Usually, they've been contemplating a platform change for some time so the one-message-per-ad-that's-easy-to-understand in layman's terms reinforces their choice of change. "… what made iPod successful wasn't its brand communications, but rather the product itself and the absolute brilliance of the iTunes service." That can also be said of most of their products. Well designed, well targeted and well executed in manufacturing. Now, if only we can get Apple to stop stomping all over its dealer channel and start working with us as the business partners that we are, we'll all be better off. "Think Different" was simply a larger, feel good, branding for Apple and its 'perceived' set of values, real or imagined.
Toggle Commented Dec 6, 2009 on Apple Envy at Jonathan Salem Baskin's Dim Bulb
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Dec 6, 2009