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CNN prides itself on being neutral, but that is simply to do with a world view that believes that centre-left is by definition more neutral than centre-right. This is wrong. What they see in their fading numbers is the lack of confidence viewers have in their ability to spin the news, since Fox is avowedly traditionalist, whilst MSNBC makes no bones that it's leftist. You have to be honest. If you have a bias, don't hide it. In a post-internet world, we have outlets for our political viewpoints and have experience realising when something is rigged one way or another. Also, I like Anderson Cooper. But his genteel Vanderbilt manner is surface only -- he a lacks gravitas with his 80s Breakfast Club-like accent and giggly demeanour. He's never going to be the new Bernie Shaw, CNN. Cut him loose.
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Dec 7, 2009