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Rockridge Constantine
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These lists are a great ways to discover what the larger SL community finds as "the place to visit". On the topic of language, I may be in the minority, but I do find it fascinating to visit a sim where English is not the primary language spoken. It opens up more possibilities. I recently visited a beautiful Spanish speaking Gor sim as an observer. I also have visited Japanese and European language speaking sims. It's great to find out what creators are doing in other places in terms of buildings, products, etc. Expand your horizons.
It took some time for this to appear on LL's radar, but I am sure that some of the residents will be pleased with any response. All we can do is hope for a positive resolution. I have several friends who have the "Resident" last name and are disappointed they never had a choice.
Does that even make sense?? I downloaded the v. 3.0.3 as well, but it just installed right over the v.2 so I just renamed the shortcut to 3.
I am enjoying it initially and can see lots of potential for more things to come from this. How about taking this another step by allowing the Group owners to manage their own groups and send out notices in-world from outside of SL? Oh and take that further with the ability to actually calender those notes to broadcast and hit members at a certain time. Yep my head is spinning with ideas. Let's see what happens.
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Dec 10, 2009