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Cape Town
PathFinder. SolutionSeeker. CatHerder. CurveballCatcher. TechnologyTamer. LateralThinker. ComplexityAssassin Mentor. Guide. TelecomsMaven. Generalist. Pivot.
Interests: Disruptive technologies, Renewable Energy, Voice over IP, Hosted Telephony, the impact of “progress” on quality of life, Sound reinforcement, Sustainable development, Mountaineering, Fly-fishing, Marathon running, Trail running and Sea kayaking.
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'ullo, 'ullo, 'ullo! Maybe I should get a bit more proactive about this... "Class Claims AT&T Rigs Bills for iPhones"
Michelle Conlin, AP Business Writer takes a jaundiced view of Groupon:
Hey Al, You'd simply ask ECN to port your number(s) for you, they'd kick off the process via the Number Portability Company's CRDB system, you'd probably get asked by Telkom to confirm it was with your permission that ECN had acted, and then as long as Telkom find no valid reason to refuse , the port would go ahead at 5pm on a date you agree with ECN. Your numbers get added to the CRDB and everyone signed up with the CRDB (including Telkom) forwards calls to you via ECN now instead of Telkom. Simple in theory - lots of rating, routing and process automation that has to occur to make it potentially simple!
Apologies to those who did not get a mention - I'll address that here. Those operators who are in a position to port geographic numbers include: Telkom Neotel ECN Switch Telecom Vox IS iBurst (WBS) MWEB Multisource MTNB
How can you pour cold water all over me like that Deon - it will be like #AppleFail all over again! ;) I'll keep you posted on results. And os course I can rectify the glaring omission on the "great companies I work with" section here - for you, a special price!
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2010 on The coolest app! at hitting the wire*
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Mar 15, 2010