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More like a "A Recipe for Halloween." I do love good French boudin noir, as opposed to German blood sausage, which this recipe seems to resemble more closely. The boudin noir at Les Halles on Park Avenue South in Manhattan is the best I've had. The butcher shop at the restaurant used to sell them to go. If you call ahead, they could surely accommodate you, because boudin noir is still on the menu.
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2015 on A Recipe for a Cool Fall Day at Ruth Reichl
Dear Ruth Reichl-- I am a longtime devotee of your work, and, having just bought DELICIOUS! at the Strand, I noticed the link to this site on the dust jacket. It began when I read MMMMM: A Feastiary, a book I still have and adore. I fondly remember attending your appearance at the Y way back when, while you were still reviewing restaurants at the TIMES. You wore a hilarious blonde wig and giant sunglasses and spoke in a squeaky voice. It was a wonderful event. I *think* that I cooked a meal with you for about 12 people in Ann Arbor back in the 1960s. We didn't know each other, and no one else knew how to cook, so there we were. I was about 16, and pretty stoned, so I could be mis-remembering. But i hope it's true! Meanwhile, I'm as restless for Spring's arrival as you seem to be! Fondly, Tom
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2015 on Hot Soup for a Cool Day at Ruth Reichl
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