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Much like Tesla sold its cells that weren't quite automotive grade as the PowerWall (for which they were perfectly adequate), this might be a higher value use for that type of "garbage" as well as those packs which had aged out of cars.
I think you overestimate Trump's interest in governing. When he actually had to pick an economics team, he went with boilerplate right Republican (Malpass, Kudlow, Moore) stalwarts. At this point, I think you've got Pence with Mussolini-ish flourishes.
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It's been coming for a while. You can trace the descent through hackademia: AEI down to Cato and Heritage down to the Manhattan Institute; on the media side from Sully's New Republic to Fox -> Drudge ->Breitbart and points further into the primordial slime of the fever swamp.
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Well, the regular occupation so smoothly, how much tougher could holding the oil fields and pipelines be? What I can't figure out is whether "keep the oil" was just more of that "say the douchiest thing possible" logorrhea his base loves so much, something he thought up himself, or something one of the generals he considers "good" toldl him was a bright idea.
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Dec 12, 2009