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Thanks for your comments on the silent credits. Not many people remark on that aspect of the film, or the footage leading up to the memorial service. In the screening I attended, the audience was completely quiet during the credits. Quite remarkable, and a testament to the power of the film.
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I think this is more of the "adoring Americans" political posturing we see so frequently these days ( It's unfortunate that instead of using factory workers, students or first responders, the Obama's now are using our military service members.
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Please edit the "Vipor" text as soon as you can. To any AF pilot, it's as grating as fingernails on a chalkboard...
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Deebow: What's sad is that Major Duckworth and others find themselves attracted to those organizations that consider you and me racists. That has a very KKK feel to it, and if they do it just because it is the popular thing to do... Kind of reminds one of the late Senator Robert Byrd.
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Mr. Jay: Nice argument, and you are right about your audience: Islam is a political movement masquerading as a religion. The guiding principle is the increased authority of Islam, not the elevation of individual human rights. As long as we humans are attracted to emotional arguments, and elevate belief systems over logic, we tend to end up being ruled by a centralized elite. (And not always to our benefit.) It's always good to think of that mouse with his middle finger raised toward a bird of prey as the mouse is about to become lunch. Your post brings that image to mind. Thanks for excellent exposition.
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Racism is simply a political contrivance. At some point, a psychologist with integrity is going to do a paper on the remarkable circumstance that in America only Republicans have racist intent in their beings. The good news is that Republicans can head down to their local County Clerk and Recorder and change political affilation to something other than Republican. They are immediately absolved of racism! Nobody in America dares label a non-Republican a racist.
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