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What I see in the original rickshaw image is four riders packed onto the back seat of the bike and the driver working hard to move them through the rain storm. This is probably his livelihood. To me the lie in the 'fixed' version, amongst other things, is that the two surviving riders are postured for a tight fit but there is only a phony blank space behind them and a missing glimpse of the fourth person.The exertion of the driver has lost its reason." Thank you for this. I confess that I had looked that both the "edited" image and the original several times and never even noticed that two of the four people had been removed from the back of the rickshaw. I noticed the edits to the cart and the background and other things and spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out if the puddles/reflections on the pavement had been changed. Overall, I thought it was a boring image. Didn't say anything to me. I think at one point I had wondered why the guy was pushing the rickshaw - Was there a flat tire or was the chain broken or something? I also assumed, stupidly, that the guy pushing it was just goofing off pushing a couple of friends around. If the final image had included all four people, it would have made a statement or at least it would have told a coherent story. It would have suggested that these people were passengers and that they guy was laboring mightly to move them around and make a living and that the reason he was pushing the rickshaw was because it was too heavy to pedal. (Of course, this could be wrong and it might have just been five friends goofing around.) One can argue all day long about whether it is okay to remove stray fingers and distracting bits of the background. But when you make changes that substantially alter the reality of photograph, you mislead people about what reality is.
Barney's Hickory Pit, opened in 1957. Has comfortable booths for sitting, eating and socializing. The walls display a variety of western-themed artwork. Also, if you wish, you may purchase camouflage ball caps with Barney's Hickory Pit logo. Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2010 at The Concord Sophisticates