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Let's not forget poor Zach Hartwell. When I think of Angie and all the plans they have made together- the tragedy is even more poignant- I cannot comprehend her devastation, or those closest to Zach and Ryan. I was very nearly also a victim of very similar thoughtlessness and reckless abandon, so I'm certain their passing was instant and they felt no pain, only eternal sleep. They are both in a better place. God willing, we'll all meet up again at Fiddler's Green.
I thoroughly respect your position. But, I completely refuse to relinquish my Its' as incorrect. I am post-graduate educated and no stranger to academic monograph or incredibly boring peer-reviewed text in highest formal English. Yet, if one compares English to its' mother German- we have many conflicting rules that have neve been resolved nor standardized. Typical Engilsh arse-ing about- and no that's not considered a swear-word in UK [although the former presented singularly, is]. Spelling is one example and lexography/orthography another. Our rules for colons, commas and apostrophes are a dog's breakfast. Secondly my argument is the inconsistency of breaking with the attribution quality of the apostrophe. The apostrophe clarifies attribution and possession well-as you've described. However, I argue it's more clear to retain its' as an identifier of attribution/possession than if one omitted the "its'" apostrophe. I borrow your examples: You can recognize Rene's music by its abrupt tempo changes. [the inamanimate] The golden retriever is known for ITS' gentle personality. [animate] Gene's enthusiasm for golfing has been lost. animate possessive. Thus, it's perfectly clear than when possession requires clarification- the its' does a wonderful job without breaking with apostrophic convention Cringe as you might, but being educated with the "rules", or more accurately the mass consensus [sic: logical fallacy] of "conventions" of English grammar (being a dogs' breakfast as I described] I choose to break with the rules in order to be more consistent. I shall be that brushfire of the minds that cries "Never! I refuse to yield to ridiculous, contradictory, arbitrary English grammar rules contrived after the fact!" Its' has a place in my heart and I argue a legitimate place on academic literature, as much as Jefferson's "its" when he meant "it's". PS- I know this particular comment must be driving you mad. It's' meant to.
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Aug 25, 2013