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Apr 6, 2010 added a favorite at WWdN: In Exile
Mar 31, 2010
Yay Abby! I was just thinking of you on my way home from work today. It was awesome meeting you and can't wait to do it again at Prime! xoxoxo
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I am beyond excited about this! I am trying not to go crazy waiting for the day to come, but that is hard. As this being my second ever gaming convention (Strategicon/Orccon being my first one) and my first time ever at PAX, I will do everything in my power to see your keynote. If you get a chance (and it might be possible) stop by Paul and Storms booth. I'll be helping them out all weekend. Another thing I jumped at the chance to do was help staff their booth. I will be bringing my 'Think Geek' this time to hopefully get signed. I have a great but sad story on why I didn't have it at w00tstock v. 1.1 at the Largo. So my hope is to get it signed and a not so 'look I'm not noticing that we're taking a picture right now' photo. Again I can't wait to hear/see your keynote. You will do an amazing job, just as you always do.
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Ok so TypePad at my reply. So I'm cutting down my reply. Looking forward to playing Muchkin this Christmas or next month on my trip to Seattle. Played Pandemic about 6 months ago, first month we lost, second month we won. Very exciting game. I also got to relive my D&D days about 3 months ago. The last time I played was 12 years prior to this last encounter (and I'm only 27). We played with 4 experienced players, 2 newbies and the somewhat experienced (me). Looking into 2010, there will less online gaming for me and hopefully more table top gaming of all sorts. So I've upped my geek levels this year, with hopefully more to come next year. Tonight at my Christmas party we will be playing the Mafia like game Werewolf. Then I'll be trying to get people into playing Carcassonne, as that is an addictive tile game. Thanks for the totally awesome post. BTW I finished Dancing Barefoot and currently finishing Just a Geek. Both books make me extremely happy. You write wonderfully and the fact that you open up your life as much as you do is touching. Also looking forward to w00tstock v2.0, because v1.1 totally made my year. ^_^
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Dec 19, 2009