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Dear Dr. Parker (I feel like Sherlock Holmes when I write that) :)) I am 42 and have been reading your books since I'm 16. I just finished reading The Boxer & The Spy for the 2nd time and that book just always makes me wanna cry; obviously not out of sadness but rather because you create such compelling three dimensional characters that are defined by their integrity and courage and honesty. It strikes me as ironic that I started reading your books in high school and now after reading a "young teen" genre book I feel some kind of circle is complete. Believe it or not I have always thought of Spenser as role a model in the "What would Spenser Do" vein. And happily sometimes it is something as simple as telling some deserving villain to take a flying F#$W at a rolling donut. Just so you know the books that really did it for me was Early Autumn and A Catskill Eagle. It just resonates to this day and I've always tried to share the joy with anyone looking for a good read. It's hard not to loan them out and yet I still have a bunch on my shelf so it all works out. In addition it tied in with a love of hard boiled fiction and when insomnia strikes, which is usually every night, I usually go to sleep with The Maltese Falcon (1941 version). So since by being yourself you have contributed great value to my life, I even wrote a private eye novel in 92 but getting published wasn't in the cards and life took over, but I still was grateful for the inspiration. Any since I have benefited so much from your work I'd like to recommend something you might have not seen and that is the film "BRICK," by Rian Johnson. Really reminds me of that Spenser/Hard Boiled nobility in the face of very grey situations.... Probably one of the best noir films I've ever seen in my life and I've seen 40 or 50. And in parting besides the obvious thank you very very much I would also like to recommend Yoji Yamada's, "Twilight Samurai" film which again personifies that nobility that is what makes being a man such a fulfilling existence. May you live & write forever. :)
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Dec 19, 2009