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Riverside, California
Interests: Drawing, reading, gaming, talking to friends, being helpful, movies, checking out artwork and much more
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For now, this is just for "Saving Face" to read. :D So she can see that I stuggle with girls like she struggles with guys. Even though some other people know I have struggled too. It's a blog I think I would perfer most people I know not to read for now. I am not really upset but I do have to wonder. Why is it I keep meeting girls, who feel upset by the way they have been treated by their ex's, then when I treat them like a gentleman, they don't seem to appreicate me anymore if I... Continue reading
Lately I've been having ideas about what female main characters to use in my comic Modern Christians, since I want the comic to appeal to both guys and girls. But I also feel that I need to understand girls even more than what I do. Talk to my female friends more often? Read magazines for girls/women? Watch more movies? Anything to show that my characters are realisitc. Heres some characters I plan to have: Sally: David's eventual girlfriend. I want to make her the ideal Christian girl. She very nice and friendly, probably one of the nicest, most caring girls... Continue reading
Glad you replied back to me on that last blog! :) Well I do think life is worth living! Through all the trials we go through and all the happiness and what we learn from other people so we can pass it on to other friends and family and hope they learn. If we were close friends, I wouldn't abandon you. Seriously. I feel bad when people do that. I have no reason to do that to anyone. Maybe I may lose contact sometimes, but I am not going to go as far as ignore old friends on purpose, like some have done to me.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2010 on Repress. Stuff. Withdraw. at Saving Face
Hi! I am glad you're taking steps in the right direction. I'll keep you in prayer. Try making close friends at the bible study. Then to help with your troubles of wanting affection, read Every Woman's Battle. Theres something special about you I can tell. So keep your faith up! :)
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2010 on So My Facebook Fast Didn't Last at Saving Face
Hi! I am glad you're trying to improve yourself. I am keeping you in prayer that it will all go well. Try reading your bible again. Do you use a study bible? Read Hebrews 11. It's all about doubt! :) Read Psalm 34 when you feel depressed. As for facebook, I know how it is. You feel a bit jealous that your friends seem happier than you? Maybe if you show your depression to your friends, it's why you push them away? I don't know, sorry if I am wrong. As for the addiction, try finding other things to do. I was addicted to some things, mainly inovlving the computer, but I found more joy in doing other activities along with the computer. Like reading! I don't think it's completly necessary to take a 6 month vacation from facebook though! Feel free to add me if you like! I'll like to be able to help you. But thats only if you want me to be a good friend of yours. I encouraged others, sometimes other girls who felt unworthy. Sometimes I get the impression you don't want my help. But I am keeping you in my prayers anyways. You look like a very interesting girl who's open minded so don't give up! :) God can make it all work out!
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2010 on I am a Facebook Addict at Saving Face
Hey there, thanks for following me. I may write a blog or 2 where I may be ok with only you seeing it. Anyways about this blog, feel free to talk to me when you have no one else. I do accept you for who you are. Maybe if we lived close by we could hang out, and I let you meet my friends and you won't feel so alone?
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2009 on The Mask at Saving Face
I always keep my word with my friends. If I have a change of plans, I try to have a very good excuse or because it was an emergancy. Not lame excuses like seeing other friends.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2009 on Death to the Party at Saving Face
Hi! Remember me? I just felt like wondering what you were up to again. This is an interesting site. I feel bad for you still! :( Please don't take it like I am stalking you or anything like that. I guess it hurts me to see that you're still going through the same old troubles and you stand out to me as interesting. You're not ugly! You're really pretty! In my opinion that is. And you got all these careers going for you too! Surely you can meet all kinds of people? Sorry that you feel like giving up on a boyfriend. Yeah it's true that a lot of not so attractive girls get boyfriends but maybe it's because the boyfriend found something in them they really liked! Someone out there has gotta appreciate you for who you are! Find you as special. It's best you're friends with some guys for a while first! Feel free to talk to me or even add me on facebook if you like. I won't ever ditch you I promise. I let all my friends know that and am happy to help them out whenever they need someone to talk to. I'll keep you in my prayers. God bless! David Duarte aka artngame215
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Dec 22, 2009
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Dec 22, 2009
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