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Thanks for the laugh this post created. So in keeping with the "holier than though" attitude many have. I'd bet a few bucks that publicly shaming the offenders will cause the targeted behavior change.
Julie, Thanks for stepping up. We need someone representing us who will help reign in Cuomo's wilder instincts.
Catherine, Cuomo's tunnel is going to be a defining issue of coming elections - until the idea is dead and buried. While an "open mind" may be a way to retain political capital, it is not a way to retain the support of the many Rye residents who would be negatively effected by a tunnel or bridge between Long Island and Rye City. Bob.
Great that the hall of mayors has been updated. Curious, though, why Mayor French waited so long to have his picture hung.
Day 7 brings warmer temps and what looks like constructive action to dry-out the Locust Ave Creek. If you're driving today, you may want to avoid Locust Avenue as it's closed between Theodore Fremd and Graham Court / Club Road.
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2018 on Locust Avenue Water Main Break at
And the Locust Avenue Creek keeps on flowing. Day 5 and still no action taken to stem this tremendous waste of fresh water. Someone did add a few more traffic cones today. So glad that we're not in a Suez-defined drought emergency.
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Sorry Mr O'Reilly - you say tax levy, I say tax. My property taxes due the County have gone up by over 12%. So, Mr. Astorino has not maintained his pledge to keep PROPERTY TAXES fixed or reduced for Rye residents. He may have done so for residents of other parts of the county, but only because he's increased our taxes. Nice going.
Meg Cameron's assertion that Joe Sack lied would be more than yet another conspiracy theory IF she presented a shred of evidence. As of now, she is expressing her opinion which is of questionable value.
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2017 on Dem Head: Sack Did Not Tell The Truth at
I remain mystified by members of our community who develop and them promulgate conspiracy theories. Lately, that is, unfortunately, the Demos. The hot examples? Accusing the City Council of having pre-agreed a City Strategy Plan that includes relocating DPW to across from Rye Country Day. No proof, but lots of accusations drummed up by the Demos. Thanks, Meg Cameron for your contribution to the Civic Discourse. Second example: Demos on the City Council cooked up conspiracy theory that the Mayor is trying to push the DPW re-lo deal with help from Port Chester. Really? The Demos couldn't even explain this tail at the last city council meeting it's so complicated an unlikely. Let's get real folks. Civil, fact-based discourse. While the mayor and other council members may have preferred approaches to the strategic plan, the simple FACT is that any such significant spending will require voter approval.
It's great that creative thought is being given to address long-term DPW capital needs as well as upgrading Rye recreational facilities. But the idea of spending $33 to 39 million to relocate DPW to the last chunk of "green space" in Rye seems extravagant. I seem to remember significant capital needs for the police department. And there's also the [cyclical] discussion about down town parking garage. Before we’re asked to vote on bond questions, prioritization across the full list of capital spending is needed instead of picking out one or two items that seem most exciting. No one should go on a shopping spree for shiny, new infrastructure spending. Our governor already has that pastime well occupied.
Thanks to TheWryRecord for checking on the actual water levels. Would've seemed to be something the City should have done and reported along with notification that the "emergency" is still in place. Also, would be nice to know what level of water means that there is no longer an emergency. Right now, it's whatever the water company says - and that can be variable. Nice control over the City if you can get it.
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2017 on Rye: Lock Your Cars and Save Water at
Run George, run! Glad to see you in the "race". Best candidate for the job.
Time to double check what the City has actually done with the emergency. While the mass e-mail that went out to residents said that the fine has been raised to $250, e-mail correspondence with the City Manager says otherwise.
So many issues with this action by the City. Any planned enforcement or will this be another case (see leaf blower ban; see plastic bag ban) of neighbors having to report on neighbors? How are people who aren't on the City's e-mail list serve or who don't read this website to find out about this emergency and fine etc? Since Suez gets water from both NY and CT, why not just shift 100% of consumption to NY? This approach is based on Suez saying that they get water from both systems AND that NY has no issue. Have all surrounding communities which also use Suez / CT water enacted a similar ban? Let's consider Purchase for example. Yes, it's been dry and action is probably needed, but this one seems half baked.
While the watering ban and a proposed changed to local law will be discussed at the City Council meeting tonight, October 5th, it is worth observing that the City continues its automatic sprinkling of the town green.
Is there any enforcement behind this "requirement"? I note quite a few businesses and residences which seem to have not gotten the message even so far as allowing their sprinklers to run during the recent - albeit limited - rain.
Ted, Thanks for posting the map. It's helpful to see the spread across Rye. And while Cell coverage for us T-mobile users is awful on Milton point, I understand that the intention of the new poles / towers is for wifi-like internet access as opposed to telephone service. Regardless, they're a problem for the affected home owners and their abutting neighbors. Hopefully we'll see the City apply its own laws. This issue seems to me to be at least as important as the City insisting on its role in the permitting / approval process for work at Playland.
While I am also opposed to the proposed installation of new cell phone towers throughout Rye, I think it important to take the concern about "radiation" with a grain of salt. Yes, concerns have been expressed for 20+ years about cell phone emissions as a potential cause of cancer. But despite many studies on the matter, no link has been established between the level and frequency of emissions from cell phones and cancer or other health issues. This is a red herring in the argument. Rather, the City Council should stick to using its regulator authority to address aesthetic issues with the proposal. There is also the small matter of property rights which must be protected as well. And, if any new poles are required, I would ask that the City make sure that this time, they are not placed smack dab in the middle (or even encroaching upon) pedestrian right of way whether or not a sidewalk has actually been paved.
Zillow shows 47 Greenhaven Road to be for sale at just under $1.5million - which looks to be the same amount as the revised tax assessment value for the property.
Given the general benefits of walking and the ease of walking to Rye High / Middle school from most parts of Rye, an easy answer is for the students to leave the car keys at home.
Engel's cluelessness about Rye's mayor reinforces his irrelevance to Rye and Westchester. The redistricting that brought him to us was a setup. Sending him back to NYC where he belongs will have to wait for the next redistricting which will be in, what, 10 years?
Thanks to the Rye Merchants for putting on this great event which gave families yet another reason to come to "downtown"!
While absolutely appropriate for the Superintendent to report this incident to the parents and public, his letter comes across as little more than a CYA effort. Why is there no comment about what will be done by the schools to prevent such incidents from happening again? Why is there no recommendation for parents/guardians to discuss the issue with their children? Why is there no follow-up with a conversation in the schools about this issue? Pointing to the policy that prohibits the bringing of weapons to schools is appropriate, but without some constructive action it does little more than seem to say, "Not our fault".
Restoring the writing mentor program "downwards" is important and a good fix. To make this a complete fix, however, upper grades should once again have access to writing mentors -- something this budget does not fix. The actual tax increase is considerably more than the advertised $172/average household as the Board has actively discussed imposing a utility tax that could add as much as $400 per household. Taken together, that's a $572 tax increase per "average" household. While to many Rye residents that's easily paid, to others, it's material. Also, the so-called Cuomo re-election checks will only cover the $172, not the Utility tax.
This election is your one and only real chance to make clear your opinion about the utility tax. IF you believe that the utility tax is a weasel way around constraining growth in taxation that is opaque, inefficient, and regressive, then you have to vote against the budget. That's the only way to force the Board to realize that Rye can't be suckered by a "tax cap compliant" budget slogan. And yes, the Board will come back with a better budget. They will have no choice but to do so.