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by 2013 America will be just a memory
i wouldn't give dish network the time of day . same goes for directv...
boreing .yaaawwwwn
this will make dish network and directv smile knowing that netflix will soon be history
i have 3 rokus but only run one at a time . i hate it when it runs at 3 or 4 dots then reboots and runs at 2 dots ..same thing every time problem with computer or bluray . perhaps it's garbage can time for the roku.s
Goldman Sachs is satan
i know a woman who has worked for the post office for 26 years and she told me she was losing her job and the post offices will be closed for good soon more mail period
netflix runs like the country does
anyone ever hear about a movie named billy stewart and the belly button gang?
i have trouble with roku but computer plays fine
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Sep 1, 2011