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Locutus7's argument above does not respond to the argument from design as made by the holders of that argument. They are not contrasting the watch with blades of grass, trees, sand, etc. They contrast the watch with a pile of metal, stone and glass bits, of the same amounts materially as the watch, that are not designed into anything. That is how the design argument makes that contrast between designed and non-designed, by which the argument is supposed to work. In a sense, L7's design argument opponent is a straw man. On the positive side, Locutus7's argument resembles an abridged version of David Hume's "incomplete analogy" argument. Hume correctly sees the holder of the design argument as contrasting the designed watch with the non-designed pile of materials, and Hume says for the design argument to work, we now need to compare designed and non-designed universes. But we only experience one universe, so there is no way to complete the analogy, by making a contrast similar to the designed watch and non-designed pile of rubble. By definition, there is only one universe, or we only experience one, and do not have others to compare it to, or contrast it with. Locutus7 I am not dismissing your interesting argument, and there is much food for thought in what you say, and maybe a good argument is hiding in there, but it is (maybe) a mistake to think the design argument contrasts the watch to "everything else" which is not how the design argument holders see their own argument.
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Sep 3, 2011