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I think that you're being very reasonable for not wanting physical contact with fans / strangers... I work in clinical areas in hospitals and private medical practices and folks that don't wash their hands or are not cognizant of how viruses spread are sick more than they are well. You're in a tough spot... You don't want to come off like a Howard Huges, germaphobe, douchebag; but who wants to get sick from that well meaning fan (that just sneezed into his hands) who wants to shake hands with greatness? :) If you find that fandom is giving you too much crap for trying to stay healthy, you could try using a antibacterial hand soap (the kind that doesn't require you to wash with water) after so many hand shakes, but I find that this stuff really dries out your hands making them itchy. I suppose that would eventually make you appear like Uriah Heep... probably not a career enhancer. Good luck with that! Stay healthy. Allan
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Sep 6, 2011