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Treacher is good at the epigram and at name-calling; at arguing, not so much.
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Treacher, the argument is not with you. You're an employee defending his boss, and all indications are you're defending him in good faith. And when you learn you're wrong, both practical and moral considerations will prevent you from stating it publicly, until some time after you have a new job or other source of income. But you are wrong. Tucker Carlson had a supercilious, character-revealing reaction to the protest after he joined the idiot club and and made a vulgar remark about Palin. He thereafter recited the words of apology, and after that your truly worthless co-worker Jeff Poor (care to tell us the important stories he's broken, Treacher?), under the direction of Carlson, re-broadcast and amplified every vile smear against Palin for ad dollars, with zero analysis or commentary; zero value added. It's hard to believe your brain is incapable of accessing what's going on here. You're lying in the example about your family, BTW. If I amplified vulgar smears about your family, you would not feel kindly about me, just because they ultimately derived from some other source.
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I'm glad you got a job, Treacher (because you're pretty funny), but you could have made money without working for the likes of Tucker Carlson. I shall now scour the Internet and all other media and public records for any vile statements about Treacher's family, and re-broadcast them 100-fold for ad dollars, and when Treacher objects, I'll lamely say: "A quote is not an endorsement." Must be humiliating, Treacher, to feel you have to spout statements like that, which you personally believe to be crap.
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My evaluation of Tucker Carlson remains the same, as does my recommendation that those who think to hasten the demise of his site by not visiting or linking. But I made a factual error above. After Carlson made a vulgar remark about Palin, he first tried to shrug it off by offering a "funny" non-apology apology, but then - after further protest - he offered an actual apology. And then after that, Carlson and his bitch Jeff Poor have exhibited malicious glee in re-broadcasting & turning up the volume on many vulgar attacks on Palin. Which proves that the 2nd apology recited the right words, but was not sincere.
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This is not a one time thing. It goes to the character and the consistent policy of Tucker Carlson and his bitch Jeff Poor. Carlson himself has publicly called Palin a vulgar name, and refused to apologize for it. And this last incident is one of many, many times in which the Carlson-Poor team reacted with delight when someone publicly makes a vulgar remark about Palin; they add their own megaphone and milk it for all it's worth. That's why it's important not to accept any pro-forma non-apology apology and let the matter slide. The Daily Caller is going down; we should accelerate its demise and not provide it any hits or links (and maybe convince Virginia Thomas to actually take a look at the site, after which, I'm sure, she would stop contributing.)
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Sep 18, 2011