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andy averill
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Hi guys, this is my first post. Please excuse me if this is an inappropriate comment for this thread, but I'm really baffled by what's going on with Netflix. I just recently signed up for streaming video -- I used to be a subscriber in the DVD-only days. Maybe I'm missing something here, but I just don't get why so many people seem to prefer the streaming option. I appreciate the convenience of being able to watch a movie instantly, but what good does that do if there aren't any movies worth watching? I don't say this lightly. I'm a big fan of old movies, and I'm not necessarily that interested in recent releases. Yet no matter which category you're looking in, you're going to have to really work to find something really outstanding. Just as an experiment, I searched for movies with Johnny Depp, listed as the biggest box-office star of 2010. Here's what I got: Alice in Wonderland, Dead Man, The Man Who Cried, Gonzo, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Cry Baby, Benny and Joon, Don Juan de Marco, When You're Strange, Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride, Lost in La Mancha, Happily Ever After. That's it. Except for Alice in Wonderland (which is a Starz movie & therefore will be going away next year), none of his big hits, none of his Tim Burton movies. Yes, some "interesting" movies for cultists, but practically nothing the general public wants to see. OK, so how about old movies then? I searched for Humphrey Bogart. Results: Beat the Devil and Dead End. Now I happen to love Beat the Devil, but where are Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The African Queen? How about Oscar winners? Of the movies that have won Best Picture in the last 20 years, exactly 1 is available: Chicago. So what's going on here? Am I missing the point somehow? Am I the only one who feels like these choices are underwhelming? Is this really the backlist that Netflix seems determined to bet the company on?
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Sep 19, 2011