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Alissa, Thank you for initiating this blog. I think you are 100% 0n target. "They did their best" is some psychologist's way of making all of the parties feel better and sleep well at night. I think it's a bunch of BS!! I'm going to turn 50 next year and have been suffering my entire life, due to both of my parent's NPDs. I was able to raise 2 exceptionaly well-adjusted kids (now 19 and 16), simply by understanding what I didn't get from my parents, and making sure that my kids DID get those things from me. My parenting prescription was, and still is, very simple: make sure your kids know that you love them and make them feel secure and loved unconditionally (but, with reasonable expectations at the same time--no free pass just because I was raised by dysfunctional parents. Why didn't my parents break the chain (if they were also raised by dysfunctional parents--if, in fact, this unfortunate event has been passed down from previous generation(s)? I attribute my parent's actions. to laziness, lack of self discipline, lack of caring, selfishness or the like. At least my children haven't had to suffer, and in all likelihood their children will escape this plight as well. Maybe, this has been my purpose in life (to date). Now....I will continue to march forward, and make every effort to reach my full potential!!!
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Oct 1, 2011