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Nita added a favorite at Everyday Sociology Blog
Oct 5, 2011
I remember in the hey-day of the Camaro in the 80's a friend of mine had a vanity plate that read IROCNRLL for his customized fire-engine red Iroc Camaro. It was 1986 and everyone in my small town was envious of that car!
I recently had to take a personality test for a sales position, and it had a strange question: do you have standard or vannity license plates? I found your article because I was searching for how sales apptitude and vanity plates might be linked. Several other "sales" questions were about self-promotion for business purposes, promoting yourself with friends or family, etc. and just basic questions about whether or not you are shy. So your article shed some light on why they would ask this question. Thank you!
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Oct 5, 2011