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we used to have ass-plosions. you know, for when the diaper blew out & major clean-up was required. thankful for a potty trained child :D
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2011 on made up words (or, portmanteau) at Crappy Pictures
my hubby is the official saver of small child. i weed out all the acceptable candy for the boy, place in a bucket & then put all the other "unacceptable" candy in another bucket for hubby, which he then takes to work & shares w/ his construction buddies. thankfully, my small boy doesn't seem to be too big of a "candy whore" (yet)!
not really a faux-compliment BUT it is something just tickles me. my 3 1/2 year tells me "i'm going to get big like daddy. then we will ride up front & you'll ride in the back. in a special seat like the one i ride in now" HEHE... i can't wait to get chauffered around :)
yup... my car is pretty much in the same predictiment (SP). currently there is a bike in the bike. that, yes, my child can ride. i also have a trashbag that is overflowing & the garbage litters the passenger side floorboards. i'm pretty sure my vehicle ate an outfit last november & i've not seen hide nor hair of it since :P on a good note b/c i carry the imfamous "giganto-bag" i was able to save a lil' one from going home mid-bday party b/c i had extra clothes... to which i tell my hubby "see! all this extra stuff came in handy heheh"
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Oct 12, 2011