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Not a dolphin, not a shark. Firstly, this image does not depict a shark because the tail fin is all screwed up, a White Shark which this is thought to be has a smooth tail fin, pointed at both ends, with a smooth curve in the middle, larger on the top side than the bottom. This depiction shows in the middle of the tail fin there is some sort of lump (like a human heel in a flipper maybe?). Also the top portion of the fin is not pointed and somewhat smaller than expected, if you look very closely at the top of the tail fin you can see where it should come to a point, but it does not, it is flat, the top of the tail fin also does not look large enough based on the size of the bottom of the fin to be that of a White Shark. Lastly, this image does not depict a Bottle Nose Dolphin, because again, the tail fin does not match. The theory is, that a dolphin was swimming sideways in the wave, the problem with that is a dolphins tail fin is mostly straight from one side to the other with a small slit in the middle, and still without the lump that you can clearly see in this image. I cannot begin to speculate what this is, but I will say it does not appear to be either of the creatures it is argued to be.
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Sep 7, 2011