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The split sucks. Bad decision. What makes it so awful is no integration. How does the CEO try to give a heartfelt apology about jacking up prices and empathising with the consumer, and then announce that they're splitting the site up and making it more annoying for anyone with both streaming and by mail? I don't care about the name change, but a separate website where I'll have to rate everything on two sites and check both sites for availability is ridiculous. Why couldn't they, if they wanted a simpler website, had some version of two buttons in the top left of the site, one that said "instant" and the other that said "by mail" and you could click one to go back and forth between sites. Then each "site" could be simpler and only have content for that ability, but also would still offer integration. So, in other words, netflix followed a too-high price increase with splitting their company up and making everything much less integrated.
How has no one suggested the name "Qwikflix" yet? Yes, the name still sucks but at least it'd still have the "flix" on the end and use the "qwik" that the marketing team must be thinking they're extremely clever for thinking up. No matter what the name is, the split sucks. The only thing I care about is integration - and there is none! Ridiculous.
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Sep 19, 2011