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I am a groomer and had a dog die on my table yesterday with absolutely no warning. She was an 8 year old sheltie who came in every 4 weeks for a groom. She was a rescue dog that they had gotten 2 years ago and prior to that she was a breeder dog in a bad situation from what we understand. Now however she seemed to be in great health. They just had bloodwork done on her last month with everything in normal ranges. When she came in yesterday, I bathed her, blow dried her and had her on the table about 90% finished. She was acting like her normal self, she would always sit there giving me her paws to "shake" and she was always so sweet and calm that I never put her on a noose. All of a sudden she started to breathe heavily and vomited. I took her off the table and put her in a kennel to clean it, turned back around from grabbing a towel and she vomited more in the kennel. I got her out of the kennel, put her on the ground to get her a bowl of water and she whined a few times and collapsed. This all happened within 2 minutes. I got her to the vet in 7 mins, and she was gone. The vet gave her a shot of epinephrine and did compressions for 20 minutes and we couldnt bring her back.The vet told me that it was nothing that I did and there was nothing I could have done to save her, she just had heart failure. I feel so guilty and I dont understand why it happened, if it was stress induced or what? She was a happy dog when she got groomed I think she just liked the brushing and attention so I just dont know. This has just been devastating for me. Can you give me any ideas?
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2011 on Heart Attacks in Dogs at Your Pet's Best Friend
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Oct 28, 2011