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Thanks for that Trev,- good point! guess I'll just have to put it down to co-incidence as it does happen, We were all about 13/14 at the time and had some good times in Singapore. Our parents were either in the military or worked in the Naval base dockyard. We went to school and hung out together. Unfortunately being kids we didn't have much money apart from pocket money so we couldn't get any discs cut or record on tapes,Shame really! I'd like to catch up with the guys from then so I'll do some investigation see what turns up, the power of internet eh? However I'll certainly get on the net and google for other groups of the same name. Any way, good chatting to you, thanks again for spending the time to write, Cheers Trev, best regards Graham.
Cheers for the info Trev much appreciated. It's just interesting to know how the group aquired their name as it's just a bit spooky that in the late 60's in Singapore when I was only a lad I was part of a band that had this very name, what's the chances? The music we played then was numbers from Cream ,Hendrix,Who etc and more groups of that time. It would be good though if one of their dad/dads suggested this name after being members in the original band.I'd like to catch up with the old boys from this era as I'll be 60 next year! LoL.
Either this is plagerism or it is a former member of a band who reformed the band Conrete parachute of which I was in and was Co founder lead singer and lead guitarist of in Singapore in 1967/69. We were all of scool age and played regular gigs at our school and at a local hotel on Orchard road on a guest basis at a blues and soul session on a sundays. Pete Kirkman was a Co founder and another member but unfortunately I lost contact with him and the rest of the guys when I left in 1969 and moved back to UK. I'd be interested to find out the how this band formed in the UK and their history, drop me a line if you are one of the band members, cheers!
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Nov 3, 2011