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Sir, This is fotage from an overrun SAA position near the Golan Heights. What was used - FAE or mustard gas? Fk Dahl
For the war crime files: Alleged to be CCTV camera footage from the hospital in ADRA, Syria, that was invaded by salafist terrorists. Few things upset me more than seeing doctors and nurses cut down in cold blood. One wonders.... FkDahl
Informative interview with Dr Ziad Fadel of FkDahl
Yes, there were peaceful protests at first, similar to the ones in many other countries. Economic reform, high food prices and drought were some of the factors behind it. People were detained, some were roughed up, and a few died. All in all not too different from the Occupy demonstrations in the US. Then police and demonstrators started getting shot, and the whole thing escalated. Quickly thereafter fake news stories started appearing, such as the lesbian Amina Abdullah Arraf who was an American in Scotland, or the "Danny" who appeared with Anderson Cooper (unedited videos show them turning on the sound of gunfire for a dramatic background). In very few countries is the state privilege of force and violence allowed to be challenged. Today we have a situation where people such as Edward Black who were part of the first dissenters completely has turned his back on what today is a Salafist dominated foreign sponsored civil war.
Colonel.. some music while pondering the folly of the world. FkDahl
First for reference: (Cristians fleeing Homs one year ago when the salafists took over) Second point: SAA played this well. Isolate the town, do a surprise raid to divide up the city. Wait, prove and bombard. Let a relief column of rebels fight their way through into the city. Close gate. More probing and artillery strikes, and clear the surrounding countryside. Then an early morning (night?) attack that seized key positions and caused collapse of the defence. Nice mix of operational tempo. Is SAA now the best Arab army? Have they been Hezbollah-ized?
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Hasn't Erdogan decimated the kemalist officer corps over the last few years? There was something about an alleged coup d'etat attempt a few years ago with several generals arrested or putched. FkDahl
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Police in Turkey have arrested Al-Nusra Front members and seized 2kg of Sarin according to Turkish newspapers FkDahl
Colonel: an interview about Syria with Ziad Fadel, both of which I find interesting: His website, which is a good source of on the ground intel, at least compared to NY Times... Also, what do you make of this Georgia, Panski Gorge, and support of Chechen terrorists/freedomefighters> FkDahl
US to deploy HQ elements of 1st armored in Jordan:
Colonel, Having watched fair amount of videos of the conflict my impression is that the fighting ability and cohesion of the SAA has if anything increased, while the FSA+various elements seem as mixed as ever (good at sniper and suicide bombs), and probaby worse with increasing losses. The attack towards Damascus resulted in the advance being cut off and encircled a la Mainstein, and the rebels ground down by artillery and tank fire in the Darya area. The town shows the scars of this. Recently a large amount of ex-Yugoslav weapons have shown up, allegedly sold through Albanian "merchants". Lot of M40 recoilless guns. Here is a link to a rebel demonstrating AT4 Spigot. In the background the flag Washington seems to love! FkD
According to Michael Weiss the Turkisk bill was dated Sept 20
If I may add to the collection of war crimes committed by FSA tied elements. Could someone show this to e.g. Mrs Slaugther or Hillary or McCain? FkD
Chuck, a local French resident out cycling was shot and killed. This guy passed another cyclist (ex RAF) who was the one who discovered the event and probably rescued the life of the young girl. The car was evidently in the process of turning around perhaps after encountering a road block. One rear tire was popped. All the shots were from the side windows, none through doors or front window. Engine was still running. /FkD PS.Some weeks prior a jewelry store in nearby Grenoble was held up by robbers armed with Kalashnikovs, firing liberally both for shock value in store and to scare away curious onlookers and police. Disappeared - with a female hostage - in a stolen BMW SUV smashing two (small) French police cars in the process. Still on the loose. Kosovo or ex-Yugoslavia is usually the source of the weapons and perhaps the perps.
Col, have a look at this: (think they show the same killing) Just some burglary ... Hung female Tortured male More here: Slightly off topic. FSA snipers, seems fairly pro. Weapons ID? /FkD
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Tank allegedly captured by FSA and used for random city bombardment. Might need gun barrel realignment! Also of note: Christians are forming armed militias:
Syrian army clearing streets, not sure of city. In terms of military performance, not the worst I have seen but not the best. Looks like a mix of regulars and some kind of militia (not in proper uniforms). No indication of indiscriminate killing "of their own people". I doubt FSA have ammunition to hold out for very long. Perhaps the FSA etc plan is to have UN stop the fighting under the guise of stopping a massacre.
I have not yet had the pleasure of reading the colonels books, and can thus not verify if coal torpedoes were used in them: . Fascinating uh? FkD
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When I see this video it strongly reminds me of videos out of Iraq in the 2006-2008 time frame. Elements of the FSA seem to share characteristics with the Sunni rebels in Iraq, and probably AQ in Iraq. Can someone translate all the slogans and what not? Side impact mine? I accuse myself for having a hard time fully embracing them as freedom fighters this time.
I have heard another reason for the name: tourtre, dove, referring to the traveler pigeon that was so abundant earlier on. Wiki says "In the 18th century, the Passenger Pigeon in Europe was known to the French as tourtre; but, in New France, the North American bird was called tourte. Tourtière, a traditional meat-pie originating from Quebec and associated with French-Canadian culture, was so-named because tourte was historically a key ingredient." The quebecois also enjoy poutine, tarte au sucre and tarte aux erable, neither of which I can really recommend. The latter two are abhorrently sweet.
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