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so I have to agree with a lot of this article and I think they hit some good points.. and yes some phones dont need to just be for seniors but I believe the ones that are designed for the elderly are extremely helpful. I personally chose to get my great aunt an SVC by tracfone because the guy at Kmart told me that people have come back being really happy with the phone. So yes I took the risk ( it was a samsungt115 for 15 dollars) and taught my aunt how to use it and she now knows how! It took like 20 minutes max to teach her and she can actually see the keys and the screen.... and she can hear it too. She prefers the speakerphone so she doesnt have to hold it and I must say for a no contract phone.. it is loud and great for her!
hahaha I liked this. STraight to the facts and sooo true. I think sometimes people over promote or more look "desperate" . I think that a lot of those people who do music competitions are smart because people love to watch them and they get a big audience. For example online there is something like and I wiiish i could be famous and a singer.. but I just LOVE watching those try and make it. I go on makeastar and watch all the videos uploaded and some people go on to big things so thats good!
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This was a fantastic article. I suggest listening to as many radio shows out there as possible. ESPECIALLY THE GOOD ONES! Then see what their target audience is so you can sort out before contacting the radio show. Personally, I am a big fan of the Book Report which airs for me here in Los Angeles on KFWB 980AM on Sundays at nine.. but I believe you can check out archives at That type of show reaches a wide audience and has ALL different types of books and hits so many viewers. Plus I think the host Elaine Charles is easily accessible ( she's emailed me back pretty quickly). I absolutely adore her radio talk and all the guests she has on her show are just wonderful.
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Nov 28, 2011