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Wow Marta, I can't believe the similarities in our lives while living in Cuba. We also had a chauffeur, and he was a beautiful kind mulato, who meant the world to both my mother,father,and me due to his loyalty, integrity and kindness. He used to go everywhere with us on our family outings but, just like you he would only drive my mother and I, and any lucky relative who was visiting us. He used to take such pride in driving the big black Packard, that only he used to drive. He was like a second father to me, and we loved him dearly. My father, just like yours, would also drive himself everywhere in his 2 Mercedes Benz. Disclaimer: I don't mean to sound like I am conceded or showing off, but sometimes you just need to vent and this is what I am doing today with someone whom I think has experienced the same lifestyle as I had. Then just like you, we had a cook named Flora who was a tiny, tiny Spaniard who would not allow anyone including my mother into her big black and white kitchen. Ofcoarse, when my dad came home she would melt in his arms:-) I still remember how much they would sit down in her room and discuss recipies for the week. She loved him so much! (He was 32 and she was in her seventies okay, and mom was always home okay :-) I needed to insert that, and also to explain why she worshiped him literally... He for one, was a Spaniard and owned a great restaurant in Cuba. She also loved how he took care of all her illneses. She was very sickly, and my dad being a phycisist and very wealthy had knowledge and control of literally everything in Cuba before the evil one came into power! Again, refer to my dissclaimer above... As you say "Then there was Vicky" I say "Then there was Caridad", and she was my manejadora as Vicky was yours. I remember her and Vidal would go everywhere with us. I am very lucky to have many pictures to relive this ;-) Thank you so much for this post Marta. I will be picking up the book, and run out to see the movie with mom as soon as I read it. God Bless! C.Romillo
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Aug 10, 2011