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Recent Activity show a lack of spiritual maturity. I read your blog and of course you didn't allow any posts. Irregardless, the 666 connotation is ridiculous. All 3 religions ARE all rooted from sons of Abraham and God has blessed all these religions. Read your bible. God even blessed Ishmael (Abraham's son). All Bono's coexist statement was not calling for a one world religion. Just peace and reconciled relationships and at least a little charity towards one another. We need to take a deep breathe and listen to one another and seek to live and love together. That is a VERY Christian message, not evil at all. Every life matters, no one is worth any more than anyone else based on their religious beliefs or nationality. If we all just tried to have more understanding on this issue, the world would be a better place. Peace out...
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Aug 20, 2011