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@CordCutter Yes, Amazon now has a "Watchlist". Amazon Instant is now available on the Xbox 360 as well. I haven't had time to check what the app is like on my 360 or to see if the "Watchlist" is available there or on the Roku. But I do see it available via the PC.
For me Netflix has it's ups and downs. But I still think it is probably the best $8 and change I spend every month. My kids get loads of enjoyment out of it. I get to watch great BBC shows that I don't see otherwise. I think the movie selection on a whole is good but releases have been bad. Not sure if that is Netflix or the industry. But for TV, I can't beat it. It doesn't have every title in the world but I have more than enough to fill spots of free time. Just this weekend we were out of town. Brought the Roku along to the hotel room. Had free wifi. One kid was sick and could not go out and enjoy the weekend. Netflix...need I say more.
All I want is for it to go to the season/episode list before automatically playing the episode. The way it used to be. That really should not be that hard to change. Having to start watching an episode before being able to choose the episode makes no sense to me. I understand current shows that you are staying up to date on but if you want to go back and watch a certain episode of a show then you have to start one up and then go to browse...
When Netflix increased the price I switched to streaming only. As others have said I'm much happier and pay less than I did before even if it is only $2. I really didn't watch the DVD's. My family does not use DVD's at this time. We have plenty that the kids still watch but our kids are on Netflix on our iPhone's, the 360 or the Roku. How can anyone think that Netflix is "broken" or "dead". I'm sure there are a lot that still use DVD's but is clear and has been for sometime that digital (read streaming or downloadable) media is the future and is here to stay. Netflix is quickly ushering this service to the masses and I for one could not be happier with Netflix. Sure, there are times when it is down or they are having streaming issues that have caused trouble for me or my family but hey what can you do. I'm sticking with Netflix and the quality of streaming for me is great.
Very glad to hear that they are fixing the WiFi issues as my Dad has one of these and has had nothing but trouble. Surprised to hear that they are improving the boot performance. I have the Roku XDS, my Dad the Roku 2 XS, and his unit boots very, very fast. My Roku can take upwards of 2 minutes to finish booting. Looking forward to HBO Go as well.
@Scotters83 I agree. My Dad recently got the Roku 2 XS and called me to say his wireless kept cutting out on him. It says the signal is excellent but drops the stream in Netflix. I've had to just run an ethernet cable down the hall for him until I can get back there to run one under the house.
This is a great show. I just started watching season 2 the other day. Now it's on Netflix. This is great news.
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Sep 10, 2011