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hahahah oh so THAT explains it.... Darling Child #2 is the worst? best? at this.... He goes on playdates and his friends mum is all "oh he was so good, such a help, "can I put this away for you? Would you like me to carry the bags for you?" and the minute we pull out of the driveway to head home all hell breaks loose
Our toy negotiation goes something like this... me "kids tidy up the room please" them " we don't want to" me "either you tidy them up and they get put away, or I tidy them up and they go in the bin" generally pretty effective, except with our daughter, who waits until you actually start throwing stuff in the rubbish bag to go in the bin, and then starts screaming and then starts putting things away. Everytime. One day she will work out that when mummy says she will throw it out, mummy WILL throw it out.
When my oldest was 6 or so, he had a play date over and at the shops they were walking around singing "we don't believe in fairies" to which I replied "oh the Tooth Fairy will be happy to hear that, 2 less stops to make when collecting teeth". They promptly changed their tune to "We believe in fairies". I'm amazed at what my kids STILL believe in. The oldest in now 8 1/2, middle is almost 7, and a 5yr old. They still believe that when the ice cream truck is playing music it is out of ice cream. When the rides at the shops have flashing lights they are broken. And that trolls live in little boxes under the traffic lights and control the traffic. Yes, that's right, TROLLS control the traffic lights. Now I told them dwarves lived in the holes and did it, but noooo I get "Mummy don't be so silly", yet when Daddy said it was Trolls, that was perfectly believable. Go figure.
I'm going to reiterate 2 already mentioned... Lego and paint. But otherwise I totally agree on every toy you have there :) And how did you find a picture of our bookshelf to draw it? LoL on the plus side of the bookshelf... My 6, almost 7yr old has decided its his job now to fix the books up and straighten out the book case. He does a pretty good job too, only I have to ignore him precariously perched on top of several boxes of lego/duplo
hahaha my HUSBAND still has napkin blindness, although he does manage to growl at the kids when they try and use their clothes. Gotta love parental hypocrisy :D is now following The Typepad Team
Sep 12, 2011