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The real news is not that they signed a deal with Dreamworks, but they signed a deal direct with the studio. There are going to be more and more of these types of deals in the future as the current contracts run out between the studios and the Pay television operators. HBO, STARZ, Showtime are not going to be able to pay what Netflix can pay. Netflix is getting what they can get, wherever they can get it for now. In a few years they won't need Starz, or Epix... they will simply outbid the the others for it.
Same old Blockbuster! Anybody that leaves Netflix and signs up for this crap, deserves to be screwed for being stupid. This is only good for exsisting Dish subscribers.
Pachter is an idiot. I want to have a job where I can be wrong, year after year, and keep that job. This is what you call Throwing shit at the wall, to see what sticks!
I want Michael Pachters Job! Who else can make a career out of being wrong about all things Netflix. Now he is theorizing Netflix wants to sell the Streaming biz to Amazon! How does he continue to be so wrong so often, yet quoted in every negative news piece about Netflix as being an authority. Who the hell is Wedbush securities anyway?
I will be at home organizing my Quickster, qwikster, flickster, quickflix, whatever Queue. If putting up with the pain in the ass of being on two separate plans gets better content on streaming..... i am all for it.
So..... I keep reading about how many people are flocking to Redbox! I cannot believe there is another DVD service out there cheaper AND more convenient than Netflix. I have to check this out... I saw one somewhere..... where was it? Oh yeah! Super Wally World! I did not get two feet in the door before I decided Redbox was not for me. There was something about getting in the back of a line 3 or 4 deep, while another family debated about what movie to get for the night. I knew this was going to take at least 20 minutes of my time not only to rent the movie, but another 20 minutes the following night to return it. I can only imagine the late fees i would be paying trying to avoid that pain in the butt. Nooooooo far better for me to stay away from Wally World all together. $1 movies will no doubt cost me alot more in the long run than Netflix. Who can go to Walmart and NOT spend $20 on crap you don't need? Honey..... pick up some milk while you are there, mwhaaaa love you.
If you watch the entire video you get a pretty good idea why the company is doing what it is doing. I did not detect any hint of arrogance, or deception. He answered every question asked and seemed to be pretty straightforward. This is why i prefer to hear what those that are making the decisions that count have to say vs. every armchair CEO out there with an opinion. These guys get it.... and as soon as the hysteria dies down I will be buying back into this companies stock.
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Sep 20, 2011