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Might I suggest that if researchers believe a particular stem cell clinic to be bogus then they should explain why they think that specific treatments are either ineffective or unsafe, or both... I invested a little time reading the scientific literature and came to my own conclusion that X-Cell was a no-go zone for me. I take it that you are not simply dismissing all clinics as being bogus? I know of one that isn't... And the innovative medical doctors at that clinic do publish their results. Fortunately, researchers do not control all stem cells. Patients come equipped with their own Mesenchymal Stem Cells (of various types). Used intelligently, with growth factors from ones blood, these repair cells can aid the healing process, at least for some conditions... On the other hand, embryonic stem cells are really not evolved for repair. They're evolved for a totally different task. My bet is they will always be promising but never deliver the goods, like nuclear fusion. As for induced pluripotent cells, that's not even part of our evolutionary history, like drugs, inherently dangerous. Regards, Brian Sanderson
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Sep 25, 2011