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Southern Mali has 1100 mm rainfall and a 5 month dry season.
The carbon leftover can be mixed into a low viscosity liquid ("slippery water" with polyethylene oxide) and fed into a bladder in tank.
Do people accept 10% waste when filling their gasoline tank ? Is plugging in a cable such a chore ?
Why not use a Cornish hydrogen generator : create an underwater electric arc between an aluminium wire and a rotating drum. The aluminium catches oxygen from water molecules, releasing hydrogen and aluminium oxide which can be recycled into aluminium. US Patent 4,702,894 - Cornish - October 27, 1987
Do ordinary people need 305 hp trucks, and why is this advertised on GCC ?
Levulinic acid is produced by heating sugars with concentrated acid, its sells for $2900 per ton, it's crazy to turn it into fuel !
typo above, read :because burning fossil fuels is the most massive geoengineering form!
Strange that the conservatives oppose geoengineering, because burning fossil fuels if the most massive geoengineering form!
Germanium is rare (US reserves : only 500 tonnes) and expensive, more than $1000/kg. There is on atom Of Ge per molecule of the electrolyte, i dont know how it translates to grams Ge per kg of battery, but anyway, forget it for large scale use !
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Oct 19, 2011