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Welfare queen? To be a welfare queen I would need to cry that I want something without working for it. To clarify, if I wanted you to give me something for free, then -> welfare queen. When I want to maintain the status quo and keep work (the important word being work) for myself at the expense of benefit to society -> not a welfare queen, probably more akin to a parasite.
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Honestly, I could care less about benefit to the USPTO, the computer industry, etc. I care about one guy... me. We, as a profession have already chained ourselves to billable hours, created an atmosphere where you have to be willing to chain yourself to a desk to out-do the other firm, take less money to churn out more stuff faster. Simply put, lawyers have jobs because of uncertainty. Let's stop trying to simply ourselves out of jobs. You don't see accountants begging for a simpler tax code do you? You don't see doctors saying, "Gee, you know what, I really don't need to do that [insert menial task], so don't worry about me billing you for my time, you can just pay for the nurse, assistant, etc."
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We wonder why our profession is going down the tubes? We're the only profession dumb enough to try to eliminate our own source of revenues.
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Nov 2, 2011