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Every morning I wake up with a pervasive feeling of dread, each night I retire with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. All day, I go about life attempting to assure my child has the best day possible to assure her best outcome possible, work to prevent harm coming to innocents (at least those parents who are educated can make an informed choice), help myriad other families make it through the day, and attempt to leave the world in a state better than I found it. As I pass-out, I pray to a higher power for the strength to make a difference and for the health of the many fallen in this war on our children. It is pure insanity that our families are asked to donate our time, our limited financial resources, and now our very flesh and blood to seed the alter for the worship of the very beast which has devastated our lives. PhRMA is a greedy piranha, busily consuming our very essence as it rips apart the fabric of our lives, hopes, and dreams. Government agencies live in the State of Denial, Government appointees and elected officials live fat and hapless in the State of Lobby-wood, and our physicians have moved their critical thinking skills into the State of Blind Faith. The one study that would be certain to free PhRMA from the abuse it suffers at the hand of our community is relatively inexpensive, yet will not be undertaken any time soon - the study of health outcomes for the fully vaccinated versus the health outcomes for those who are entirely unvaccinated (for example, selecting ages 5 - 18). Yet funds are readily dispensed to any and all who seek to utilize sleight-of-hand to keep Oz safe behind PhRMA's curtain. This chicanery has derailed meaningful research for over a decade; research which could assure the best possible outcome for the tsunami of children aging-out of the Public School system at an alarming rate. Simply put, our Government is spitting into a gale-force wind. When these kids flood the State and swamp the pitifully funded institutional care raft, the State will be covered in the backsplash of the largest loogie it ever hawked. The tragic collateral damage of Government's on-going campaign to pollute our children, through injection, ingestion and inhalation, is the human cost - tens of thousands of children the State knowingly, chemically, nipped in the bud, who the State will assure live-out their entire natural adult lives in the seclusion of chemical restraints. That saying from the 80's, "life sucks and then you die," is a sad prophesy, which Government is hell-bent to manifest.
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Nov 21, 2011