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I concur with the opinion of the article. It's hard to say that consuming an occasional sweet item every now and then won't effect your health or lead to weight gain, because for most people it will and does, but eliminating the option of selecting between what's nutritious and not as nutritious could have a reverse effect and cause people, especially at that age, to not want to drink milk at all if they can't choose to drink the milk that they might find sweeter and like more. I too think that with nutritional education about the product, youngsters will be more able to make an informed decision as to which milk they want to drink.
I have to admit that though I'm not a couch potato, I haven't always been as physically active as I could and should be in order to better my health. When I go to the gym, I try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day to try to help myself as much as I can. But since reading this article and the reports from the World Health Organization and the American Institute for Cancer Research about how important and beneficial exercising is to one's health and how it can assist in making a difference in one's life, that makes me feel even better about myself and want to make sure that I'm active as much as I can be. Because, not only am I toning my body up and making myself look better on the outside by exercising, I'm working toward making my body more healthy on the inside also. And that is something to smile about:)
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Nov 28, 2011