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oh, and I wanted to say your birthday is cosmic! This year my 11th Wedding Anniversary is on 11-11-11. My husband said he planned it that way, but I know he didn't.
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2011 on Postscript at Echoes of a Dream
How weird is this? I have been trying to remember the name of your blog for a few days now because I use to check every now and again to see if quite possibly you would someday do a catch-up. I had to switch computers and lost my bookmark for it. Then, tonight, the name just came to me while I was doing some crafting. I couldn't wait to see if your blog was still up. Wow! There was a catch-up!!! I am so glad to hear all is still well with you and your family. Is your email address the same? I use to work for a caterer for several years, do you remember me by chance? I would love to share with you information about my new job with a company that is based in the UK. I hope to be visit there in the foreseeable future. I really like the people I have been working with. Anyway, enjoy those study groups. I am going to check out your etsy page. Rada
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2011 on Postscript at Echoes of a Dream
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Nov 8, 2011