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Gigi Suvari
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What a good gig. Michele Bachmann makes hateful remarks about gay people, which in turn sends them to their clinic looking for "reparative" therapy to change them from gay to straight. Of course this is not possible, but the Bachmanns will take their money and pretend that it is. If those looking for "ex-gay" therapy can't afford the therapy, no problem. The Bachmanns will accept money from Medicare. Michele RAILED against entitlements and government pork for years, but neither she nor Marcus are so concerned about such things when they're feeding at the trough. Medicare and farm subsidies are fine if they're lining the pockets of Republicans.
Guess Tony's finally figuring out that it isn't always the best thing for your soul to sell yourself out for some quick cash. Never understood gay people working for the Republican party. They will NEVER accept you.
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Dec 8, 2011