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I've been reading these kinds of instructions for years and they really do help a little. But unfortunately, some of us feel like hopeless cases when it comes to getting past this problem. Ever since I was a little kid (I'm now pushing 60), I've felt this seemingly unmanageable frustration that wells up in relation to minor inconveniences. Certain stimuli just really push my buttons hard: devices and software that don't work as they should, making the same error successively, getting lost in the car when I'm in a time crunch -- little stuff. In retrospect, I can assess these things as comparatively trivial. But when the episodes are going on, they seem -- feel -- like really big deals. At those times, I complain like mad, swear like a drunken sailor (I don't normally talk that way), feel sorry for myself, etc. Then afterwards, I'm ashamed of the undignified way I conducted myself, even if I'm alone. I've noticed that the few times I've been on antidepressants, I've felt a much higher frustration tolerance -- dramatically so. But I don't want to be drugged forever. So any advice for the long-term, hard cases?
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Dec 13, 2011