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The study is seriously flawed. There is nothing that smells like bacon, it is a category all of it's own. I'll bet it wasn't peer reviewed, was it....
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2013 on They forgot bacon at Environmental Economics
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I'm failing to understand one point here. If currency was 100% backed by gold (or silver, or some other commodity that doesn't have dramatic supply swings, or even a combination thereof), why would the price of those commdoities ever rise at all? Unless the CB decides to change the ratio, which they shouldn't be allowed to do, the price is fixed, isn't it? I would further argue that we wouldn't, and shouldn't even need a CB if we were on a fixed commodity standard. The whole premise of a CB with people running them that think they are smart enough to manage the economy hasn't exactly worked out too well, has it.
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A few years ago when we weren't making enough income, we were alloted 100 gallons from Citizens Energy. Not much mind you, but better than the alternative of freezing. The group is partnered with CITGO, which is in turn owned by none other than that 'axis of evil' country, Venezuela. I have to wonder just who the evil country is when our won is cutting out help and CITGO is still offering. Unfortunately they ran out of the supply they were offerring last year by the end of January, so if anyone knows someone in the NE who needs help tell them to get the application in now!
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2011 on Heating Help Cut for Poor in Northeast at I cite
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Dec 15, 2011