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@Briankb The new V tanked on TV. Why would it do any better on Netflix? @Edward R Murrow The DVD-by-mail business model will quite possibly be nonexistent in 10 years. Think about it. Weren't we just watching on VHS tapes 10 years ago? DVDs got 20 years life expectancy, max. @Tvaddic I think they're just trying to get viewership...or at least noticeable increases in streaming of their specifically produced content. If that works (that is...people watch) we may see the addition of what your mentioning. A new model will be born. People will be turning into Netflix like network channels for original content on specified nights and times. "Wow!" I say. @Riverside Guy Right on the money, man! @Edward R Murrow The content won't be there past 3 or 4 weeks if you watch the major network sites. Hulu has to pay for their streaming and has mostly NBC...not full season mind you.
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Jan 5, 2012