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hahaha so true. this happens to me all the time... BUT forgetting that one thing i went in there for give me an excuse to come back :P
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2012 on shopping at Target® at Crappy Pictures
Haha i love this. My fav parts are the yuck face no drink, and the part about wearing a helmet at the table :P BUT to be quite honest... i will let my kids have the fun i used to have when i was a kid... actually i'm going to encourage it. obviously my son will wear a helmet and not play in traffic and drink bleach. BUT he will be encouraged to play outside and draw on the side walk with chalk and ride a bike (with a friend or his cousins or my husband and i etc) and he will be encouraged to go on the swings and he will have a jungle jim, and he will swim in the deep end (with me of course :P lol) i remember going outside and playing with calk while waiting for he ice cream man to come for HOURS at a time with my brother singing "ice scream ice scream, i scream for ice cream" and then making up random versions as we got bored and i remember riding my bike with my sister and brother around the block and taking a different street and getting scared of getting lost so we turned around and came back home. i also remember things like falling off my first big girl bike and scraping my knee and arms and starting to cry, and i remember flipping over on a bike while my friend was on the handle bars and we both got hurt real bad and i had a swollen lip! i STILL have scars today from it. and i especially remember going down the street to the neighbors house and getting bit by a doberman lab mix on the arm and then walking home with my brother and being scared that my arm wont work anymore or something. LOL all of that stuff is what makes you a kid! My son will NOTTTTTTTTTTTT be the boring kid who sits at home watching tv or playing a video game because i told him the world isnt safe!? he will ride a scooter and roller blades and he will have fun at the play ground. yeah- ill be there with him and try to prevent any injuries, but if he doesnt get hurt sometimes he will never learn! :D anyway great post lol gave me a laugh and some great memories!
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Jan 23, 2012