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Joyce, have you seen the movie yet? It's a keeper! I'm so lucky I was asked to do this project. Fingers crossed they will ask me to do more!
Thanks, Dianne! Yes, I'm convinced the work I did with The Artist's Way group earlier this year has made a difference. I even got my thoughts down for a possible storyline for the book in my morning pages today. Writing one's intentions is powerful stuff...
Joyce is the winner of a signed copy of The Secret Life of Walter Kitty. Congratulations, Joyce--and good luck with that novel in verse!
Joyce, my sincere condolences on the loss of your mother. I know what you mean--I don't at all resent or regret the hours I spend with my mom--in fact, being with her is the one time I'm able to let go of the past and the future and simply rest in the "now." It's a great reminder that life is best enjoyed in the moment! Yes, I do believe the time I spend with her is feeding my artist. I love your commitment to intentionally spend time in your garden every day! Both mom and dad were gardeners, and I make sure Mom always has fresh flowers in her room. Selecting them and arranging them for her each week nurtures my artist even though I'm not a gardener myself. As far the Highlights workshop--it's postponed, not cancelled! I do look forward to teaching at the Honesdale campus some day. Maybe you'll join me there!
This week's winner was Christine Purvis of Portland, Oregon, who got the right answers for all first lines: 1) The Seven Silly Eaters, Mary Ann Hoberman 2) Beegu, Alexis Deacon 3) Won Ton: A Cat Tale Told in Haiku, Lee Wardlaw 4) Humphrey’s First Christmas, Carol Heyer 5) The Wolves in the Walls, Neil Gaiman Congrats, Chris! Cheers, Barbara Jean
Okay, I tried to reply to you guys yesterday via Google and somehow couldn't. Trying now through Facebook... Anyway, Barbara here! Dawn, thanks for your lovely words about my cover. I was not able to use the original, as it was copyrighted, so I designed my own, using images from the Web and Photoshop. It took some time to find images that were free for use (not to be confused with royalty-free, which involves a one-time payment), but I had lots of fun with it. I'm not entirely satisfied with the look but I think it's not bad for my first attempt! My new favorite go-to website for free images is Photobucket. Mark and Leigh, thanks for the info on providing ebooks for free. Very helpful! I've read all three of the ladies' ebooks (good job all around!) and downloaded a Danger Boy yesterday. I think e-pubbing is an excellent way to pump life back into novels and novellas that had seemed to have died. Good luck to all of you!
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Jan 29, 2012