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Kristina I am so sorry about your husband....I had no idea....I read your book after seeing you and your mom on some show last year or maybe earlier....but after getting in a naranon support group, I ordered a copy of your book and have read it twice. We are sharing it in our group and have used it in our meetings...sharing excerpts from time to time. I looked up your blog today and am totally blown away by what has happened to you. I am very thankful that you are not giving in to the horror and pain of it all and letting it swallow you up again. Thank you for that....because it gives us (your extended family) reason to keep going forward. Our group is comprised mostly of parents, but all are struggling to keep going...sometimes just to breathe in this horrible world of our children's addictions. Your book has given us we are all in different steps in this process of recovery....and we so appreciate you and your mom....the strength and perserverance you both have....and the willingness to lay yourselves bare in this so that we can be helped. Many of us have a strong faith in God and know that without Him we could not make it. I truly believe that He has given us the gift of you ...and hopefully we can be encouragement to you as you are to us. I will be praying for you all constantly....please know that there are lots of us who lift you up to the God who loves us more. Thank you Kristina.....I pray you feel loving arms around you and your family daily.
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Feb 1, 2012