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Ruled By Mars
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Energy healing works. I've been doing it for over 10 years. Unlike the 'hands on', I usually hover above w/ my hand, which receives actual physical sensations, and is quite often painful. Simply stated, an effected area's 'energy' will 'feel' different when I pass over it. I did it for $ just a few times, and my 1st 'patient' felt wrong all over her body. I suggested an MD check her out. Turned out she had advanced diabetes. I could tell you lots of true stories about it. I WISH I could take part in a scientific study. I would like to prove, scientifically, just what is happening when I do this. Nobody I've called seems to be interested. Go figure... Stopping pain is easy. Locating physical problems and even old wounds like healed bone breaks or internal stitches after an operation is pretty easy too. Sometimes I even get a mental picture of things. I've ID'd cysts, both their number and form (fibrous cysts appear as 'shredded wheat cereal). How or why I can do this is unknown. I just can. I've even ID'd physical problems over the phone, 6 states away. THAT blows my mind, honestly. I like science. I can't stand 'hoo-doo voodoo'. I'd like to prove, scientifically, that this is real. Anybody who knows of any studies going on, please let me know. Contact me at
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Feb 17, 2012