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"Ron Paul or nobody!" What idiots... The true meaning of that idiotic phrase is "Ron Paul or four more years of Obama and the finalization of the Socialist Republic of the United States!!!" Romney is NOT... repeat... NOT my guy but if he is the Republican nominee I will RUN to the polls to vote for him. Now is not the time to play nutjob antics as the RP supporters are infamous for. Too much is at stake for our Country to allow Obama another four more years. It could literally (actually LITERALLY) mean the end of our Constitutional Republic. Ron Paul will not be the nominee. He will NEVER be President. But he could insure the re-election of the Socialist Obama and doom ANY CHANCE of Ron Paul's fiscal policies ever being implemented, PERIOD! Any one of our three current Republican candidates (Ron Paul isn't a Republican) would actually be good for our country although in various degrees. Another four years of Obama and we would still be the United States for the most part but it would no longer be a Constitutional Republic. The only thing Ron Paul CAN DO is help bring that disaster about.
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Feb 23, 2012