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Really? Obama hasn't directly gone after guns, but there is more that didn't make your article. I remember not too long ago the Justice Department (under Obama) calling our lax gun laws as the reason gangs in Mexico were getting guns. They also claimed (and the news media) that most of the guns used in crimes came from the US. Which wasn't true. What was true was that most of the guns they were able to trace came from the US, and that number was much less then half. We also now know that the Justice Department was selling guns directly to the Mexican gangs (which explains why they were able to trace them back to the US). Now why Obama's Justice Department was blaming lax gun laws on the guns they sent to Mexican gangs is not completely clear, but I think I would give the NRA the benefit of the doubt in not trusting Obama and his Justice department when they blame a lack of gun laws for something they were doing.
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Mar 4, 2012